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Solidarity Action with Greek Uprising, Unsmooth Operators Eight

May 31, 2009

During a small manifestation outside the greek embassy in January, showing support for the uprising in Greece, although a police photographer happily pranced around taking photos from all directions, it aparently wasn’t enough in the profiling of those who dare express adverse political belief in a representative democracy.

A women with two small children approached one of those holding the banner and informed them of the covert photographer dressed in black lying down pointing his camera at the spectacle, hiding behind the barrirer on the second story of a car-park she was exiting.

It is well known to anyone politically active in this country that ‘operation eight’, an intensive and covert surveillance operation continues, stalking those who resist the colonial and state capitalist system.

Atleast it’s nice to know that even random members of the general public are willing to go out of their way to expose what they see as highly offensive behaviour on the part of the police spy’s and secret service.

solidemo greece

Banner reads in Greek language 'No Police. No Police Violence'

Banner reads in Greek language 'No Police. No Police Violence'

Police photographer

Police photographer


Essay on ‘Insurrection vs. Organization’ by Peter Gelderloos

May 30, 2009

In this essay Peter Gelderloos looks at some of the relationships and responds to the ongoing debate between insurrectionary and organisational anarchists. He argues for a more pluralistic approach to the struggle, and offers suggestions for either proponents on how to cooperate strategically, and in a mutually beneficial way, rather than furthering to alienate and isolate themselves from each other.

After responding to four relevant texts, he concludes that the question of structure and form maybe less important than some would regard it, and that unless we develop better communication skills and more affluent criticism the limitations and weakness of current structures and strategies could have fatal results.

Although rather lengthy, this could be a useful and insighful text, especially for any person or group who perceive this divide as a hindrance to the movement.